How to explore Wroclaw on your own?

How to explore Wroclaw on your own?


Here’s a secret – solo trips will be some of the most memorable in your life. Because you are forced to talk to people, face your fears.

But alone does not meet unprepared!

So, the first tips to in our ‘How to explore Wroclaw on your own’ is – research.

Research Wroclaw

If we would tell you how great is Wroclaw, there is little chance you would think that’s an honest opinion. So, we encourage you to do your own research. Wroclaw is very affordable, but if you are looking for 4-star and 5-star accommodation, you won’t have trouble as well.

Also, read up on Wroclaw. Decide what you would like to see, explore and look for that in Wroclaw. Wax Museum? Mesmerizing Catholic and Jewish temples? Monuments?

Go for a jog

When you settle in the hotel or your AirBnB, go for a jog. You can plan the route in advance but even if you plan to spend most of your trip in a car or public transport, jogging will allow you to look around the neighborhood. That’s never a bad idea in a new place.

You can familiarize yourself with your surroundings, start getting to know the city and its people. But, just for this one jog, leave your headphones at home.

Find Locals

If you are renting an AirBnB, finding locals will not be a hard task. Worst case scenario, if you’ve got no one to trust, ask for advice at the tourism information center, which you can find at Sukiennice 12, 50-107 Wrocław (close to the Wroclaw Airport).

wroclawCommit to one or two trip goals

Wroclaw is a big city filled with culture and nature. And history. And leisure. You decide. But you won’t be able to see it all in a short trip, so decide upon your goals beforehand.

Explore the local food

If you are looking for food, there are dozens of cheap street food. But if you can, depending on your own goals, try to find local food. Real Polish food, for example, Kurna Chata is one of the highest regarded traditional Polish restaurants. This is not an ad, by the way.

Remember that food is just another way to experience a country and its people.

Why not challenge yourself? Once you are sitting in one of Wroclaw’s cafes, look around, find a table with a couple of people and talk to them. Ask to sit down and eat with them.